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The Department of International cooperation

The Department of International cooperation

The main areas of work in the field of the international activity' development:

preparation, specialization, professional development of the faculty of University;
• participation in the international educational programs;
• training of foreign citizens;
• sending abroad the staff of university and reception of foreign experts for the purpose of exchange of experience in the field of medical science, the higher medical education and practical health care;
• participation in the international training seminars in Russia and abroad;
• exchange of pupils with foreign Higher education institutions for passing of various forms of a training by them;
• exchange of the faculty for lecturing, the organizations of master classes in problems of modern medicine and stomatology.

Functions of the Department of international cooperation:

• Preparation of annual plans of sending of employees abroad and reception of foreign delegations according to the international agreements and contracts MGMSU.
• The accounting of the signed agreements with foreign partners and control of their performance.
• Preparation of new drafts of cooperation agreements and holding organizational actions for their signing.
• The organization of works on involvement of foreign citizens for training, preparation, retraining, improvement and a training, and also on receiving grants by University and participation in the international projects.
• Organization of participation of University in the international forums, congresses, exhibitions and other actions of the international character.
• Organization of performance of custom works on contracts with the international organizations and institutions of foreign countries;
• The organization of sending of staff of University abroad, including execution of orders and estimates of expenses to them, international passports for them through CD the Russian Foreign Ministry, entry visas to the scientists and experts who are going abroad in official journeys, the analysis of results of business trips abroad.
• Implementation of projects on exchanges of staff of University and staff of the foreign organizations;
• The organization of holding hospitality events according to the legislation of the Russian Federation. The organization of receptions of foreign delegations at University. Organization of negotiations between the staff of University and foreign citizens;
• Participation in preparation of a reserve of staff of University for work abroad;
• Performance of other orders of the rector, vice rector for scientific work and international activity and head of department of the international cooperation.