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University clinics

University clinics

Clinical center of dentistry

Dolgorukovskay st., 4 

+7 (499) 978-01-21

Dolgorukovskaya st., 4 bd.2

+7 (499) 978-01-21

Vutetich st., 9a

reception adult:
+7 (495) 611-29-35

reception children:
+7 (495) 611-18-93

The clinical center of dentistry is clinic of University and is equipped with the modern dental diagnostic and medical equipment, advanced technologies and materials are applied at treatment of patients.

In Clinical center of dentistry leading experts in various fields of stomatology work. Highly qualified specialists of Clinical center will help to solve any problems in the field of therapeutic, surgical, and orthopedic stomatology, dentistry of children's age.

Most of the doctors at the same time are a staff of the MSUMD departments and are engaged not only medical work, but also scientific and pedagogical activity. The staff of the Center has an academic degree of professor, medicine doctor or PhD (medicine) , constantly increases the professional level.


Clinical center of maxillofacial, reconstructive and recovery and plastic surgery


  Vutetich st., 9a

Reception for adults +7 (495) 611-1211
Reception for children (a children's hospital) +7 (495) 611-1169

The clinical center of "Maxillofacial, reconstructive and recovery and plastic surgery" of Clinic of A.I. Yedokimov MSUMD is organized in 1976 and is the unique division performing medical care (including hi-tech), ambulance and emergency medical service to the adult and children's population. Hardware of the Center meets the most modern world requirements. The clinical center gives also fast emergency aid on surgical stomatology and maxillofacial surgery.
The stationary insurance help (including hi-tech) medical care appears high quality experts in modern operating rooms, with use of innovative technologies and materials. Most of specialists of Clinical Center at the same time are a staff of MGMSU departments. They are engaged not only medical work, but also scientific and pedagogical activity.
The clinical center of "Maxillofacial, reconstructive and recovery and plastic surgery" of Clinic of A.I. Yedokimov MSUMD is educational, scientific and clinical base of many University departments:   
  • Department of maxillofacial and plastic surgery,
  •     Office of maxillofacial reconstructive and recovery and plastic surgery (dental adult),
  •     Department of children's maxillofacial surgery,
  •     Office of maxillofacial surgery (dental children's),
  •     Department of radiodiagnosis,
  •     Department of anesthesia in stomatology.

Clinical medicine centre (University clinic of MSUMD)

  Kuskovskaya St., possession 1A, bd. 4

Reception +7 (499) 557-03-16

As a part of CMC is the office of reconstructive and plastic surgery Its activity is directed to surgical treatment of deformations and not inflammatory diseases of front area and a neck functions.

In office of otorhinolaryngology specialists of the clinical MSUMD medical center render all range of the surgical LOR-help: hearing correction, surgical restoration of vocal chords, throat surgery, endoscopic surgery of a cavity of a nose and okolonosovykh of bosoms.

In the "plastic surgery" direction skilled experts of CMCs perform the plastic surgeries aimed at elimination of esthetic shortcomings of a nose, lips, eyebrows, necks, face skin. In need of our clinic carry out plasticity of auricles, a century and cheekbones.

Plastic surgeons of our medical center perfectly know technology of the combined and reconstructive plasticity allowing to correct several areas of a body and to eliminate externally extensive defeats of fabrics during one operation.

In neurosurgical office of our Clinic the preference in surgical treatment of diseases and injuries of a head and spinal cord is given to the low-invasive techniques (punktsionny, endoscopic, etc.) promoting early activization and rehabilitation of patients.

Highly skilled medical care on the main urological diseases, such as a good-quality giperplaziya of a prostate gland (prostate adenoma), bladder cancer, an urine incontience at a tension at women is provided in urological office of the Clinical medical center, and also at a prolapse (loss) of pelvic bodies.

The endoscopic office of the Clinical MSUMD medical center is equipped with the most modern video equipment of Fujinon (Japan).

  • Operating rooms are equipped with the most modern equipment that allows to carry out surgical interventions of any complexity;
  • qualified medical staff: care of patients is carried out only by skilled nurses;
  • comfortable conditions of stay for patients are created: only single or double chambers, all chambers are equipped with modern medical beds; in each chamber there is a bathroom (a sink, a toilet, a shower cabin), a two-way communication with a post of the duty nurse and the button of the emergency call of the duty nurse.

MSUMD Simulation center

MSUMD Simulation center is the department of MSUMD Clinic medicine center.
Simulation and imitating training becomes one of the most important components of education of students of medical schools and the practicing doctors. In the conditions of educational classes on exercise machines and various models perhaps repeated safe repetition of manipulations up to reliable fixing of practical skills.

Working off of surgical skills on exercise machines

The center of simulation formation of the MSUMD located in the Clinical medical center (Kuskovo) – one of the most equipped and actively working centers in Russia. At the disposal of our center there are several hundreds of simulators for working off of skills in various directions of clinical medicine: nurse business, surgery, therapy, resuscitation, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, medicine of accidents and so forth.

Simulation center completely meets requirements of the Ministry of Health care of the Russian Federation and is ready to carrying out the state accreditation of medical expertsn on its base . In educational classes the modern system of educational audio-and video monitoring allowing to watch remotely educational process is installed. The majority of exercise machines remotely (with use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies) are operated  the interactive programs allowing to estimate objectively quality of the carried-out manipulations.

On the basis of the MSUMD Simulation center since 2014 master classes for neurosurgeons concerning microsurgery of aneurisms, a revaskulyarization of a brain, spinal endoscopy, surgery of a craniocereberal trauma godaprovoditsya. The head of the program of master classes is the director of the MSUMD Clinical medical center, the chief neurosurgeon of the Ministry of Health care of the Russian Federation, the academician of RAS professor Vladimir Krylov. Now holding master classes in maxillofacial surgery, otolaryngology, skull basis surgery, etc. is planned. It is possible to study the plan of holding master classes 2017 in more detail here (in Russian).

Central dental laboratory

Central Dental Laboratory solves problems of rendering the highly skilled specialized, consulting and diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic help to the population, introduction in daily medical practice of the latest scientific developments including developed at MGMSU departments.

CDL is equipped with the most modern dental equipment, CAD-CAM and EMPRESS technologies, production of difficult dentures and designs. The staff of the CDL periodically is trained on new technologies, study at courses and seminars as in Russia as abroad.