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For foreign entrant

For foreign entrant

MSUMD: how to enter the University

Foreign citizens have the right to secondary professional education, the higher education and additional professional education within budgetary appropriation of the federal budget, budget of subjects of the Russian Federation or local budgets according to international agreements of the Russian Federation, federal lows or the Russian federation established by the RF Goverment quota for education of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation and also at the expense of means of physical persons and legal entities according to agreements on rendering paid educational services.
The foreign citizens who aren't knowing Russian are enlisted on preparatory faculties of educational organiztions for training for one year.
Foreign citizens at preparatory faculties learn Russian and other subjects depending on speciality which they intend to receive.
At the end of the academic year final examinations are held. The pupils who successfully passed examinations at the level of the Russian compete high comprehensive school receive certificates on the termination of preparatory facilty and go for training in chosen spesiality in higher schools.

Excerpts from «RULES OF ADMISSION on learning on educational programs of higher education - Bachelor program and specialist degrees at 2017/18 school year in federal state budget institution of higher education «A.I. Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry» The Ministry of Health care of the Russian Federation»

The main disciplines for foreign entrants in MSUMD are Russian language, chemistry and biology.

Way #1. Stady with agreements on rendering paid educational services

Needed documents:
  • application for admission;
  • copy of education documents translated and notarized in Russian in Russia;
  • confirmation of education documents (Moscow, "Glavexpertcenter");
  • medical certificate about health (form. # 086/at);
  • results of fluorografy;
  • reference on HIV;
  • copy of the alien's passport translated and notarized in Russia;
  • the entry visa to RF, the educational type issued by the invitation of MSUMD;
  • photo (8 pieces, 3x4, opaque).

Acceptance term on training of foreign citizens: from May 15 to July 20.
The entrants arriving on 1 rate in MSUMD on varios faculties have an obligatory verbal interview in three subjects (biology, Russian, chemistry), then persons succesfully passing interview are enlisted by the order of the Rector on agreement form of training.
the training cost and accomodation affirms as hostels at a meetimg of the Academic Counsil of University. Information can be obtained in department of contractual forms of training, phone: +7 499 973-37-93.
Throuhout the entire period of training n foreign students of foreign countries the visa to study in MSUMD after execution of the preliminary invitation is provided, phone: +7 499 973-37-71.
For training all foreign students are free of charge provided with textbook and visual aids.

Pre-university department
Annually 25-40 foreign citizens arrive on preparatory department on an agreement basis.
At preparatory department foreign citizens are accepted withour interview. During 10 months they study in four subjects (chemistry, Russian, biology, physics). After succesful passing final exams they are enlisted on 1 rate.

Way #2. Study within budgetary appropriations on RF' federal budget 

Official internet portal for foreign citizens: http://russia.study/en.  It is possible to get all neccesary comments and support in the Russian centers of science and culture in foreign contries.

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