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R&D of young scientists MSUMD

R&D of young scientists MSUMD

R&D activity of young scientists of University is the shortest way to modern medical practice. It has to unite in itself both broad theoretical knowledge and skills of work with the patient.
Results of such approach and scientific achievementsare shown on Annual Total conference of young scientists A. I. Yevdokimov MSUMD. The total conference is held under the auspices of the Academic council of MSUMD.
The purposes of the Total conference of young scientists is increase in qualitative level of research works of the young scientists, identification and encouragement who have caused a stir in creative approach and scientific conscientiousness of researchers, their motivation to further scientific and educational activity, replenishment of teachers of University perspective young shots.
Young scientists aged up to 35 years - the graduate students, applicants of an academic degree of the candidate of science, doctors-interns, interns, the staff of departments and laboratories participating in research work can participate in the Conference. For graduate students from second year of training participation in the first (cathedral) stage of the Conference is an obligatory action at which results of work for last year are represented and discussed. 
Participants represent at a conference independently conducted scientific research and their fragments executed under the leadership of research supervisors and consultants from among leading experts of department or laboratory. The number of authors of the presented researches shouldn't exceed three young scientists.
On materials of the Total conference of young scientists of MSUMD the collection of theses of scientific works of young scientists is published. For formation of the collection the order of the rector forms Editorial council of the Total conference of young scientists of MSUMD.
The organizer of the Total conference is Society of young scientists of MSUMD. For the organization and holding the Total conference the Coordination council of the Total conference approved by the order of the rector of MSUMD is formed. Organizational and technical support of the Total conference exercises Department of science of MSUMD.

The project "School of Young Scientists of A.I. Yevdokimov MSUMD" is conceived for those young people who see the future connected with medical science and who would like to apply innovative technologies in the forthcoming medical practice are interesting.

Today the School totals more than 300 registered listeners. The program of seminars of School is created so that to lay the foundation of methodology of scientific research in medicine and to create at them the base of scientific thinking. The accent is put on subjects which aren't in programs of the higher and postgraduate medical education: methodology of scientific search, evidential medicine, biostatistics, features of different types of a scientific medical research, rules of writing of scientific articles, reports and presentations, etc. Along with these subjects students of School have an opportunity to participate in satellite seminars and symposiums.
Activists of School, the trainings and a total interview which have gone over with success, pass to the II step of training: an advanced course of evidential medicine with a possibility of obtaining the certificate of GCP, individual consultation on carrying out planning of scientific research and processing of the obtained data. The best students of School have an opportunity to participate in the Russian and foreign educational programs for evidential medicine, among them there is a scientific international camp Filin (Yaroslavl), the scientific ERASMUS camp of  Erasmus University Rotterdam and Rotterdam Medical center (Holland).

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Contact: phone: +7 (495) 609-23-66
e-mail: schoolmsmsu@yandex.ru
Website: www.shmu-msmsu.ru

Society of young scientists of MSUMD

Tasks of SYS are support of youth science, mutual aid of activists of youth science when planning and information study of scientific research, handling of results of a research, preparation of the publication, scientific report, receipt of grants; informing young scientists of university on the forthcoming conferences, rules of execution of scientific articles, publication opportunities in scientific magazines; the help in the publication of the results of research activities conforming to high standards of scientific research for members of SYS; promoting of research activities; assistance to forming of an allowance of qualified scientific and teaching personnel of University; organization of an annual Final conference of young scientists of MSUMD.

Society of young scientists cooperates with Students' scientific society and School of young scientists of MSUMD.

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Students' scientific society named after  L. I. Falin MSUMD

Students' Scientific Society (SSS) of MSUMD is voluntary consolidation of the students participating in providing and holding student's scientific actions of University.

SSS purpose is involvement of students to research work, the help to students in mastering methods of scientific activities, assistance to preparation of a qualified scientific and pedagogical medical personnel for University. 

The Students' scientific society has almost 80-year history and began to work actively in 1936.
Traditionally the Students' scientific society works on enhancement of training of specialists, ability development to think not on a template, to independently analyze problems and to find the most successful versions of their decision, to gain experience of research and organizational work at different departments of University.