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Preparatory faculty

Preparatory faculty

The preparatory faculty is a division of MSUMD for training of foreign citizens in Russian, physics and biology in the volume necessary for revenues to the first course.

As  our experience shows the entrants who were trained on Preparatory faculty have steady motivation to receiving a profession of the doctor, are better adapted to the high school system of training and more successfully master the training material taught at departments of the University.

Training duration is 9 months.

Documents are accepted from September 1 to September 30.
Beginning of occupations on October 1.

Training at Preparatory faculty is paid.
Transfer is carried out after signing of the contract and payment of cost of training.   

Training cost for foreign citizens is in 2017/2018 140 000 rubles (about 3 000 USD)

Address: Moscow, Staromonetny Lane, house 5, floor 1.

Phone: +7 (495) 959-14-22
E-mail: fdp09@mail.ru