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The complex of dormitories consists of three dormitories and is intended for temporary residence and placement for training of the nonresident students who are studying full-time.
Hostels are provided with necessary stock, furniture, bedding, household appliances, equipped with a modern complex of fire safety.

The main library of University is located in the territory of dormitories #2, 3

Dormitory #2: (Vuchetich St., 10, bd.1) corridor type.

Dormitory #4: (Onezhskaya St., 7a) corridor type.

Dormitory #3: (Vuchetich St., 10) room type (one-room, two-room and three-room apartments).

The dormitory provides the nonresident students enlisted on full-time courses.

Foreign citizens move into to dormitories in accordance with general practice with students from among the Russian citizens.

Information: Moscow, Delegatskaya St., 20, p. 1, office 240, Department of educational work
Phone: +7 (495) 694-26-21

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