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International activity

International activity

Curator of the international activity of University: vice rector for study academician of RAS, professor Igor Maev.

The international activities of A. I. Yevdokimov MSUMD, being a component of a complex of actions for development of University, is directed to the solution of two main objectives: attraction to use of educational services as it is possible bigger number of foreign students, on the one hand, and ensuring expansion of the research sphere due to increase in information exchanges with foreign partners and development of the academic mobility, - on the other hand.

The first acceptance on training of foreign citizens was performed in 1950. For last period more than 3500 foreign specialists from 60 countries of the world became graduates of MSUMD. Many graduates of University in the countries direct clinics and head departments of a medical and dental profile.

Today in MSUMD more than 500 foreign pupils study at dental, medical and others faculties.

Annually from 20 to 30 foreign citizens learn Russian, chemistry, physics and biology on preparatory department within 10 months, becoming then students of the 1st rate.

Foreign citizens can also study in an internship and a postgraduate study of MSUMD.
Training of foreign citizens is performed both at the expense of the federal budget, and on a contractual basis. Quotas for training of foreign citizens in the Russian higher education institutions are annually determined by the Ministry of Health care of the Russian Federation.

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